Distribution Boxes (DBs) - PVC

Distribution Boxes are available in different sizes;

General features

* Distribution Boxes made of PVC are ideal for Homes, Offices, Apartments, Supermarkets or any Electrical installation.
* Many models are available in 1 Row, 2 Row, & 3 Row in 4,6,8,10,12,18,24 & 36 ways.
* Available in Surface mounting type & Flush mounting type
* Available with either Transparent door or Solid door .

(Note: above features are general and may vary according to the manufacturer, model or brand.Please verify the features of the enclosure, before you order)

Distribution Boxes - Surface Type - CM Series - Transparent Door

Distribution Boxes - Flush Type - Transparent Door

Distribution Boxes - Surface Type- Solid Door

Distribution Boxes - LGD Series - Transparent Door

(Note: Above sizes may be discontinued without any notice, please check before your order.)