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Modular Panel Systems

TIMIK Modular Panel System is based on the modular concept of “Standard Module” for the construction of Electrical Panel Systems.
TIMIK “Standard Module” can be extended into X, Y & Z or Width, Height & Depth directions in multiplication of “Standard module”.
With this versatile modular concept, it is possible to construct Electrical panel systems of any design, any configuration, any size, using the range of standard modular parts.

Use TIMIK Electrical Enclosures for your Electrical Installation;

» World class product, yet at a competitive price.

» High quality product competes with major international brands in the export market.

» Available Ex-stock (subject to prior sales), else shorter lead time due to high-tech automated  production       system with CNC machinery.

» Technologically innovative product, a value for your investment.

» Made to relevant international standards and tested at relevant test labs.

» Protected from dust & water, which gives trouble free operation of your switchboard.

» Technical help from our Sales & Engineering teams for your designing & assembly matters.

MODIK Free Standing Panel Systems

MODIK free standing panel system, has many facilities & features to make electrical switchboards to any industrial requirements. MODIK has a 'bolted' structure and many standards structural parts are available to make panels as per your design. This is further enhanced due to pre-punched holes in X, Y & Z directions in the structure and other structural parts.

MODIK comes with many standard mounting profiles to fix switchgears and accessories; and  It comes with many other mounting options to facilitate building of professional electrical switchboards, low cost and faster.  MODIK Panel system can make electrical switchboards in Forms 1-2-3-4 and their sub forms as per IEC 61439-1 standard. 
Available in different sizes with many accessories.

MODIK free standing panel system can fix with different combinations of covers and doors as per design. Surface Finishes are Epoxy polyester powder coated in RAL7032 (Pebble Grey) textured finish and plinth & cable entry plates in RAL9005 (Black) textured finish. 

MODIK free standing panel system can be supplied in flat pack to minimize transport cost and save storage space. 
MODIK panel system has many new features, which help panel builders to make  electrical switchboards of any configuration using MODIK free standing panels and their wide range of standard accessories, mounting profiles and rails. This facilitate professional panel building at lower cost, easier &  faster.