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Order #                    Models
251 100                           EMM-R4hp   Flush Mounting 96x96mm

These digital multimeters allow to monitor all the electrical parameters present on a distribution line. The local display of 30 electrical parameters is carried out by 4 display
with red LED for a good reading of measures.


Order #                    Models
251 150                    ELR-1E        Flush Mounting 96x96mm

This is the basic unit of the new series, is particularly advised in those cases, in which it’s required to use a reduced flush mounting ELR’s option,without other particular options. One of its main novelties is the reduced depth (60mm including terminals). It may be coupled to any of our Toroidal Transformers of the CT-1(close core) and CTA-1 (split core) families.
There are various versions, in order to meet different auxiliary supply requirements.
Their wide time and current setting ranges, allows to easily select the tripping characteristics, in order to maintain the contact values below 50 V, as required by the IEC standards. This is also the suitable answer for a proper selectivity, whenever there
are other ELRís or/and RCDís downstream or upstream in the line to be protected.


Order #                    Models
251 160                    ELR-3F        S
nap on DIN rail 35mm

The ELR-3F, maintains all the basic characteristics of the ELR-3c type relay, with its reduced dimensions even. It is the most simple of a series of relays, built in a modular enclosure, according with DIN 43880 Standard, with a three modules width (module base 17.5mm)
Its two setting ranges (current 0,03 or 0,5A / time 0,02 or 0,5 seconds) allow to select the tripping current, in order that the contact voltage value are maintained below 50V as required by the CEI 64-8Standard.


Order # Models
251 182 CT-1/60 Closed core - 60mm / 25mA
251 183 CT-1/80 Closed core - 80mm / 100mA
251 184 CT-1/110 Closed core - 110mm / 100mA
251 188 CT-1/210 Closed core - 210mm / 250mA

The CT series toroidal transformers allow to sense the leaking currents to earth. These
transformers have been designed to be coupled to the maximum earth leakage current relays of the ELR series.

The T/T’s should be installed upstream of the lines or loads to be protected and/or supervised. All active wires (phase and neutral) of the three phase or single phase lines should pass through the internal core of the transformers. It senses, in this way, the currents vectorial addition, in order to transmit the earth leakage current to te secondary.


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