Miniature Circuit Breakers

Mr. Suzukichi Kawamura
has established Kawamura Electric Inc. Japan, in 1919 which has been keeping the operation concept as “Quality first, Customer first”. The manufacturer's experiences, accumulated in almost 90 years history, resulted the very successful development, we enjoy today.

Kawamura Electric Inc. is well-reputed as large-scale specialized production company of high and low voltage products, energy conservation & environmental protection products and communication products in Japan which owns 6 Production plants, 50 branch offices and employ many thousands of employees.
The sales volume is among the best throughout and become one of the strongest company in the Japanese electrical products field. Kawamura Electrical products enjoy good reputation around the world, and Kawamura products has been exported to many countries around the world.

KWB series miniature circuit breakers are a kind of current-limiting miniature circuit breakers with high breaking capacity and both overload and short-circuit protection. The MCBs are applied to the circuits with rated operational voltage up to 415V, a.c.50Hz, and rated operational current not exceeding 63 A. They are used to protect circuit against overload short-circuit, and also be used to switch circuit infrequently under normal conditions. The products conform to the standards of IEC 60898-1.

                     Model No.
          6kA                          10kA
Rated Current
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C6               KWB5 - C6 6A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C10             KWB5 - C10 10A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C16             KWB5 - C16 16A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C20             KWB5 - C20 20A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C32             KWB5 - C32 32A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C40             KWB5 - C40 40A
MCB 1P      KWB6 - C63             KWB5 - C63 63A

                    Model No.
          6kA                         10kA
Rated Current
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C6              KWB5 - C6 6A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C10            KWB5 - C10 10A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C16            KWB5 - C16 16A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C20            KWB5 - C20 20A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C32            KWB5 - C32 32A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C40            KWB5 - C40 40A
MCB 2P      KWB6 - C63            KWB5 - C63 63A


                     Model No.
          6kA                          10kA
Rated Current
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C6               KWB5 - C6 6A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C10             KWB5 - C10 10A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C16             KWB5 - C16 16A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C20             KWB5 - C20 20A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C32             KWB5 - C32 32A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C40             KWB5 - C40 40A
MCB 3P      KWB6 - C63             KWB5 - C63 63A

                     Model No.
          6kA                           10kA
Rated Current
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C6               KWB5 - C6 6A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C10             KWB5 - C10 10A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C16             KWB5 - C16 16A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C20             KWB5 - C20 20A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C32             KWB5 - C32 32A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C40             KWB5 - C40 40A
MCB 4P      KWB6 - C63             KWB5 - C63 63A

E series Multifunction Power Meter integrate the functions with programmable measurement, display, digital communication and electric energy pulse transmitting output, which can carry out electric power measurement, electric energy calculation, data display, data acquisition and data transmission. They are widely used in transform substation automation, Distribution network automation, intelligent construction and the inner electric energy measurement, management and evaluation in the enterprise. The meters is class 0.5, achieved LED/LCD display on spot, RS485 digital interface communication remote control, adopt MODBUS-RUT communication protocol.

Technical Data

Accuracy  : U、I 0.2 class,P、Q 0.5 class,Active electric energy 0.5 class,Reactive electric energy 2 class
Display     : LED / LCD Display 
Input measurement - Rated Voltage : AC 100V, AC 400V
                                     Impedance      : >300kΩ
                                     Rated Current : AC 1A, 5A                                                          
                                     Impedance      : <20mΩ
Frequency         : 50/60Hz ± 10%
Electric energy : Active and reactive electric energy measuring
Power supply    : Working range- AC, DC 80V~270V Power consumption - ≤5VA
Insulation resistance : ≥100MΩ
Operation condition   : Ambient temperature: -10~55°C, relative humidity ≤93%,no corrosive gas, height                                         above sea level≤2500m

X series Digital Display Measuring Meter is suitable for measuring and displaying current, voltage, power, frequency, power factor and other electric parameters, which has the advantages of direct view, high accuracy, high stability and other characteristics. Widely used in electric power system, automation control system.

Technical Data

Accuracy            : Voltage meter, Current meter 0.5, 0.2 class; Frequency meter 0.1 class; Power meter,                               Power factor meter 0.5 class
Display               : 3 1/2 Digit or 4 Digit LED Display
Input  Current   : AC1A, AC5A, AC10A, AC500mA, DC5A, DC20mA and etc.
Input Voltage    : AC100V, AC220V, AC380V, DC100V, DC200V, DC380V, DC75mV, etc.     
Frequency         :
Power supply   :Auxiliary power supply - Switch power supply: AC, DC80~270V,
                                                                  linear power supply: AC220V±5% 
                            Power consumption - <3VA
Insulation           : AC2kV                  
Insulation resistance : 
Operation condition   : Ambient temperature: -10~55°C ,relative humidity ≤93%,no corrosive                                         gas, height above sea level≤2500m

PD319-WHD series Temperature & Humidity Controller adopt digital temperature and humidity sensor, LED display temperature and humidity value, fitted with fan contact and heater contact, heater (fan) broken wire alarm, sensor faults display function etc. Fitted with RS485 communication port or alarm switch value output, to realize remote transmitting parameters of ambient temperature, humidity, working condition to the supervisory computer, this product is suitable used for the unattended substations. Customer can set the limits of temperature, humidity; switch display mode setting, communication parameter etc by using the button in the panel.

PD319-WHD series products have advantages of strong anti-interference capacity, high reliability and meet the requirements of GB/T 15309-1994. the button in the panel.

Technical Data

Measuring range                    : Temperature:-40.0°C~+99.9°C ,  Humidity: 1% ~99%
Accuracy                                  : Temperature: ±1°C ,  Humidity: ±4%
Control parameter                  : Heating for temperature rising: -40.0°C~+40.0°C
Setting Range                           Blowing for temperature decreasing: 0.0°C~+100.0°C
                                                    Temperature control: 1%-99%
Capacity of contact output   : AC250V/5A
Communication interface     : RS485, MODBUS(RTU) protocol
Insulation resistance            : ≥100MΩ
Operation ambient                : Temperature:  -10°C~+55°C
                                                   Humidity       :  ≤95%RH, no dew, no corrosive gas
                                                   Height above sea level : ≤2000m

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